Easy Ways to Keep Bunch of Flowers Fresh

How would you feel if your loved one surprised you with bunch of flowers via flower delivery in Singapore? Whether there is an occasion or not, receiving flower and gift from the people we love makes us feel loved and special. You want to keep it as a memory by keeping the gifts in a treasured box or taking pictures of the flowers you received. However, the fresh bunch of flowers will just maintain its look in photos but not in real life. If you cannot keep it fresh for a lifetime, you can do something to prevent it from wilting and withering.Below are the easy ways you can do to make sure your flowers will stay fresh and last longer.

General pointers

1. All leaves fell into the water should be removed to avoid rotting, which will give food for bacteria. Remove leaves that are touching water to avoid it from infecting and damaging the flowers.

2. Make sure to change the water every day to maintain the freshness of the flowers. To lessen the risk of contamination, remove all dirt from container before filling it up with fresh water.

3. Grab your shears or scissors and trim the stems when you replace the water or every few days. Make sure to cut it at a slant to let the flower absorb the water better. Flowers from stores should be trimmed before placing it in a vase.

4. Flowers also need preservatives to last longer and maintain its freshness. These are available in flower shops, supermarkets, and gardening supply shops. It should contain acid that helps stabilizing the colour and water pH, sugar for energy, and biocide that kills fungi and bacteria; which are the ingredients that flowers need to blossom. There are homemade alternatives that you can use as preservative to replace the commercial ones.

5. Put the plant in a safe location in your house. It should not be placed in a spot with direct sun, heater, and other sources of heat. Also, do not put it in a room with fruits because the ethylene gas that is released by the fruit will cause wilting to the flowers.

6. All wilted flowers should be cut off to avoid it from releasing ethylene gas, which might affect the other flowers. Throw the wilted ones on a separate room, compost them, or just use it as a decoration after drying them.

Homemade flower preservatives

Apple cider vinegar – Mix two-tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with two-tablespoons of sugar in a water before putting the flowers. Add more sugar and vinegar whenever you are replacing the water every few days.

Aspirin – One of the favourite homemade preservatives to use is the aspirin that makes the flower maintain its freshness for longer time. Before adding the flowers, add a crushed aspirin in the water and change it every few days.

Bleach – A mixture of three-drop bleach with one-teaspoon sugar, and one-litre water will increase the longevity of the flowers. You can also add 1/4 teaspoon of bleach in a one-litre water, which will restrict the bacteria to grow and prevent the water from looking cloudy.

Coins – Prevent the growth of bacteria in the plant by adding copper penny with sugar in the water. The coins is said to have the capability to act like n acidifier.

Hair Spray – Grab a hair spray in your bathroom then stand foot away from the flowers before spraying it quickly. Make sure to spray it just on the undersides of petals and leaves to keep the plant last longer.

Soda – Soda contains sugar that keeps flowers look fresh. Get the vase with flowers and pour 1/4 cup of soda into the water. Any brand of soda will do fine, but if you want to make it look clear just like the water, opt for the clear sodas.

Sugar – Make a preservative made of dissolved three-tablespoon sugar mixes with two-tablespoon white vinegar per litre of warm water. Fill the vase with three to four inches of preservative to make sure that stems will be covered. This mixture is one of the most effective that can maintain the life and freshness of the flowers for couple of days until a week.

Vodka – The best way to maintain the freshness of the flowers is to inhibit the bacterial growth in the water. Aside from this, the bunch of flowers should receive the nourishment it needs, which they lose after been cut. Put a few drops of vodka into the vase along with one-teaspoon of sugar. The vodka will act as an antibacterial that will protect the bunch of flowers.